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Patrick Park Solicitors are a well established firm based in the heart of Lurgan.

We provide a broad range of legal services to our clients including House Sales & Purchases, Commercial Property Transactions, Employment Matters, Personal Injury Claims, Commercial Litigation, Wills and Probate, Criminal and Matrimonial Matters.

With our extensive experience, we are fully committed to providing an excellent level of professional service at all times

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Property, Patrick Park Solicitors


From first time home owners to seasoned developers at Patrick Park Solicitors we understand that buying, selling and developing property means much more to our clients than just the money invested.

How we can help

We offer specialised advices in relation to Sales and Purchases; Leases and Tenancies; Mortgages and Re-Mortgages; New Builds and Expansions to existing properties.

To us no transaction is the same.

As members of the Law Society’s Home Charter Scheme and as Panel Members for numerous Mortgage Providers throughout Northern Ireland we provide the highest standard in analysing and providing legal services at all times with each property transaction to all clients.

Our Conveyancing Department has been advising Residential and Commercial clients for over thirty years.

For Property Matters “ Experience Counts.”

For conveyancing quotes please ring our office on:

028 3832 7436 or email

Personal Injuries, Patrick Park Solicitors

Personal Injuries

Personal Injury claims and litigation is a complex area of the Law.

No two injuries are ever the same and in order to assess a personal injury claim it is vital that comprehensive  experienced legal advice is sought.  Failing to obtain legal advice can lead many people to obtain settlements that are not reflective of the injuries sustained or alternatively not receiving any compensation where there has been negligence on another party’s part.

How we can help

At Patrick Park Solicitors we have been advising our clients for over thirty years on a range of personal injury claims from road traffic accidents, medical negligence claims, personal injuries sustained at work, personal injuries sustained by caused by breach of occupiers liability, personal injuries suffered and financial loss caused whilst on holidays.

At Patrick Park Solicitors we offer clear detailed and frank advice for all personal injury claims from the outset.  Our goal in all personal injury claims is to obtain settlements that compensate our clients fully for injury sustained after detailed analysis of the medical evidence and the factual background of each case.

If you have been injured as a result of the actions of another party and wish to make an appointment to discuss same with our experienced solicitors please call us on:

028 3832 7436 or email

Family Law, Patrick Park Solicitors

Family Law

As Family Law Practitioners in Northern Ireland upon receiving instructions on any file our obligation is to promote and protect the Welfare of the Children involved in same.

How we can help

Our job is to ensure that their Welfare is Paramount, throughout, from taking instructions, giving legal advices, attending Court and finalising orders.

At Patrick Park Solicitors we realise that it takes a lot for our clients to seek advices in relation to family members.
We understand these matters involve not only the two initiating parties but their children and extended family. We make sure that time is spent explaining the very complex issues involved in family law so that our clients can obtain the very best settlement for their families and their future.

We advise clients on the following matters:

  • Contact
  • Maintenance
  • Divorce
  • Judicial Annulments
  • Financial Settlements
  • Care Proceedings
  • Adoption

In addition we give legal advices and supports to men and women who have been affected by domestic violence by their partners, children and extended family.

When dealing with these matters it is of vital importance that you have legal advice from a practitioner that you trust.

Please contact us on 028 3832 7436 or email in complete confidence to discuss any concerns or worries you may have in respect of a relationship breakdown with your partner, child or extended family member.

Wills & Estate Planning, Patrick Park Solicitors

Wills & Estate Planning

A Will is one of the most important legal documents most people will enter into in their lifetimes. It is a final representation of their last wishes to us. It gives us peace of mind by knowing that our last wishes will be carried out as we had hoped. We get to decide who exactly will receive our most personal possessions and allows us to provide for our family. It prevents unnecessary tension and acrimony between family members at a time when they just want to grieve for the loss of their loves ones.

A Will is a complex legal instrument and needs to be prepared in accordance with the client’s individual needs.

How we can help

Our Probate and Estate Planning Solicitors will always take detailed instructions from our clients when making their Will so as to consider Inheritance Taxes and other Taxation consequences of a Will and Lifetime Gifts. They will always discuss Powers of Attorney and EPAs with clients to ensure that they properly protected during times of illness, or physical or mental incapacity.

Our Team provides the following Service to all new and existing clients:

  • Will execution and Probate
  • Estate Planning including EPAs, Trusts, information and assistance with the Office of Care & Protection
  • Disputes over Wills and Administration of Estates where there is no Will made

Please contact us on 028 3832 7436 for an appointment to discuss any of these issues.

Family Law, Patrick Park Solicitors

Business & Commercial Matters

Appropriate legal advice and assistance can be provided in relation to the proper operation of your business and in relation to any disputes arising from the operation of your business.

How we can help

If you require services in relation to buying or selling a business. commercial leases, shareholder agreements or any other commercial matter, please contact us on 028 3832 7436.

Wills & Estate Planning, Patrick Park Solicitors

Employment Law

We have been providing advice and assistance for clients in this area of law for over 30 years.

Our clients include both employers and employees.

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